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About QRP  

About QRP

QRP, Quality Replacement Parts of Wisconsin was created in 1999 by 15 independently owned and operated professional auto and truck recyclers in WI/MN/IL. Formed to operate much like a cooperative these original thinkers developed a great group of trading partners for themselves and by imitation for a number of similarly formed groups of recyclers across the USA and Canada. Parts locating programs were developed to facilitate recycled parts usage by the repair and insurance claims industries followed by an electronic salvage acquisition and disposal program being developed to connect auto insurers and financial institutions making auto loans with the ultimate purchaser of auto and truck salvage, professional auto recyclers. For 12 years the recyclers of QRP continued to provide parts locating programs, salvage acquisition/disposal programs and a unique member to member parts delivery program to insurers, repairers and recyclers but as the industry and market place changed so did the need for QRPas created.

In 2011 the remaining original founders of QRP decided to exit their ownership and management of QRP. Over the preceding 12 years it had become clear the (at one time) unique parts locating systems they had created were no longer leading edge and there were other programs available to utilize for that purpose. The QRP Salvage Solutions program however continued to be a great tool to connect insurers and auto recyclers with each other and to also help establish relationships between to industries that have a lot in common. The QRP partners sold the QRP name and Salvage Solutions to their former Business Manager Roger Ross. Since mid 2011 QRP has been assembling a larger group of professional auto recyclers to bid on salvage through the QRP Salvage Solutions program where insurers obtain bids directly from the recyclers and are presented to them through this blind bid gathering platform. QRP has also established a separate pool of bidders for a wide variety of other types of salvage, machinery, ag equipment, marine, recreational salvage and more. The Salvage Solutions program has now expanded with bidders located in 11 states, primarily in the central and upper Midwest.

The change from corporate ownership by a group of recyclers to independent operation by Roger Ross has made it possible for significant growth of the QRP Salvage Solutions program. Going into 2020 Roger and Lee Ann Ross are retiring and the company will continue operation with Amanda and Bob Ross operating from Verona WI and keeping the company family owned.

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