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Vehicle Title Processing  

Insurance customers of the QRP Vehicle Management System can have their salvage vehicle titles processed for them in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicle statutes by One Source Auto Title Service, LLC.(OSATS) QRP has entered into an agreement with One Source Auto Title Service to pay for the basic title processing fee from OSATS for titles of vehicles offered on our site and awarded to the high bidder through our site. There are no additional fees charged to our customer for that processing when a vehicle title is surrendered to the DMV and the salvage vehicle is required to be dismantled or parted out. In the cases of a necessary title transfer on other than a parts vehicle the Wisconsin DMV title transfer fee and an additional nominal fee from OSATS is the only additional cost to the insurer for procuring the title required. Contact OSATS for information on how to have them process your auto and truck titles.

One Source Auto Title Service, LLC ,

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