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            The QRP Vehicle Management System is primarily a site at which users can obtain bids for total loss vehicles, as well as any other salvage. Our system is not an auction, therefore the sellers benefit from the advantages of blind bidding.

            Unlike other competitive sites, our Vehicle Management System offers many other benefits as well.

            As you proceed through the registration process you will be asked to select a “Type of registration” and a ‘Type of user”. Your selection here will determine which of our many customer-oriented features will be at your disposal. We do not want to clutter the pages and screens that you will be using with features that are not applicable to either your industry or you job.


            As an overview, here are some of the features within the system:

  • Search for parts within the cumulative inventories of QRP members
  • Obtain bids on any type of vehicle or salvage
  • Reduce storage costs through QRT Quality Recovery & Towing services
  • Arrange vehicle transportation through QRT, Quality Recovery & Towing
  • View repairable and ready to drive vehicles for sale
  • Obtain updates as new vehicles become available
  • Access vehicle recall information
Visitors Area 
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