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Bids offered are as is, where is, so complete and accurate information is important from the seller. In the event there is a material misrepresentation of the salvage a buyer may contact you concerning the discrepancy. As an example, mileage claimed at 35K but is actually 55K or an incorrect engine or transmission listing might warrant discussion.

It is QRP policy that bids placed on salvage through the QRP Vehicle Management System will be honored by the bidder for at least 8 business days following the close of bidding, (assuming no change in condition or location of salvage)

Payments for Vehicles Purchased on the QRP

Vehicle Management System

QRP bidders commit to payment within 14 days of notification from insurance company that title and lien release are in hand and vehicle can be processed.

QRP Bidder Storage responsibility

Seller is responsible for towing fees following the accident and storage charges accumulated up to the 2nd regular business day following the date of the electronic award.

Buyer assumes responsibility for additional storage charges beginning on the 2nd regular business day following an electronic bid acceptance and buyers are responsible for the cost of returning their award to their facility. If the seller or customer has not "released" the vehicle for pick-up the seller remains responsible for storage until the second business day following the actual release notification. Buyers will advised sellers of holds on awarded vehicles as soon as they are aware of the problem.

* Regular business days are Monday-Friday, excluding recognized holidays.(New Year's Day, Memorial Day,4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

The QRP bidder awarded the salvage is responsible for retrieval costs from the salvage location as listed to their facility. Sellers are not responsible for those retrival costs.

Claim Processing

QRP members and bidders realize some insurance settlements do not always go smoothly. At times your company may have a problem securing proper title and or lien release or encounter some other problem. A member awarded a piece of salvage like this agrees to hold the unit, storage free, for at least 45 days. After that time period, our bidders may begin charging a nominal storage fee unless other arrangements are made by you with the high bidder. We have requested the bidders notify you in advance of any storage fees they will begin charging. Bids made on units that cannot be paid for and processed in a timely manner because of these problems are subject to possible negotiation of the bid or may need to be reposted by the insurer for current bids.

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